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With PAPRIUM, WaterMelon Games strikes harder and beats stronger!

Seven years after the release of Pier Solar on the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis - hailed by the fans as "... perhaps the most successful homebrew of its type, ever" - WM brings it to the next level!

December 16th, 2020, 00:00 GMT - PAPRIUM IS RELEASED!
We are proud, today, to once again, deliver. More than 30 years after the initial release of the system, 20 years after the end of the 16-bit era, and 8 years of sweat, this is the ultimate game in the console's library.
SIZE shock: No other game packs so much original art, sound and gameplay in so few yet so many MEGs. SPEED shock: No other game plays faster, better and stronger than PAPRIUM. SOUND shock: No other game casts a more advanced score and astonishing sound quality than PAPRIUM.

PAPRIUM is the pinnacle of video game programming, engineering and artistic excellence, nothing less, believe it or miss it! Actually, PAPRIUM is much more than a game, it's the total and absolute victory against the odds. We are, at this very time, packing and soon shipping our preorders. The release day will be on December 16th 2020. Be prepared, our stocks are limited and will likely sold out in a snap, you will be able to preorder for the next shipping batch, estimated delivery 1st trimester 2021. Don't panic, the wait is worth it. So don't miss out, be bold, be part of 16bit history.

In the past and whenever we could, We always sold our products at a floor price and some of you may notice a steep increase in our pricings. To clear any misunderstanding, our first batch of Paprium was developed, manufactured and shipped at our own expense, we have to recover this massive loss in our future sales. More over, we believe this is not a Android, PS5 or WiiU game. It's closer to a tailor-made luxury item. The aftermarket (second hand) price don't lie, our products often reach 200% to 1000% of our original sale price. As opposed to the past, we will also update our price as our limited editions gets closer to sold out.

Anyone pissed about lack of support, well, we cut out all our cost so the game can ever release. And the game is there, that's all matters.

September 04, 00:00 GMT - Why earning money is not possible for an independent retro game developer ?
In 2010, we released Pier Solar, the world’s best selling retro game which shipped to over 40 countries. On the 28th of March, we announced the release of our new 16-Bit game : PAPRIUM, a post-apocalyptic, outrageous, brawler. (In the same spirit as Double Dragon, Final Fight & Streets of Rage). This brand new AAA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis game has been developed from the ground up, to be released in September 2017.

BUT THIS WAS THE INITIAL PLAN… Without acknowledging that - as part of the Indi game industry - we were not suppose to earn too much money by our own ! Within minutes, our fans ordered several thousands games and we will never thanks them enough to be so trustful. However, Paypal, while we had over 8 years of successful business with them, decided to lock our funds ! Why ? are you certainly asking. No reasons were given at first and it took months and two meetings to get one. Reason is “illegitimate business”. An independent game company shouldn’t certainly succeed, especially if it's about an original cartridge game for a 30 years old game system ! It has now been more than five months, that we opened a battle with them in order to prove by any means that everything is legal, clean. Our fans are real addicts to their Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis, but we are not selling drugs. No avail, they make interests on our funds while we struggle.

We decided to continue the production with our own savings… but the amounts required to manufacture such game cartridge, we are talking in millions : the price to pay to get THE perfect cartridge game ! Even if ultimately, we will finally be able to unlock our funds soon but the bad is done ! PAPRIUM will be late and this is all our fans that are extremely disappointed… and we totally understand them.

PAPRIUM will rise for earth that Paypal want it or not !
New release date planned early 2018. A refund-if-pissed policy has been settled and this is a huge lost for WaterMelon Games - money and trust speaking !

March 28, 00:00 GMT
- Fellow Citizens, you have been waiting but the wait is almost over. Get ready! Big things are about to happen! After more than 4 epic years of development, WaterMelon Games is proud to present its new 16-Bit game: PAPRIUM (code-name: "ProjectY"), a postapocalyptic, outrageous, street brawler. PAPRIUM has been crafted at WM's Magical Game Factory using Investor’s votes and suggestions. This games is as much yours as it is ours. PAPRIUM has been developed by a team driven by true passion and 16-Bit excellence.

100% true pixel-art.

Year 8A2, somewhere at equidistant point between Shanghai, Tokyo and Pyongyang, a Megapolis rose from ashes of the shortest but most devastating nuclear war in history, its name is PAPRIUM. BRUTAL, MASSIVE. You will fight your way through the city with Tug, Alex and Dice. Redefine the word justice, deal with the BLU drug temptation, and more importantly: stay alive!

Soon available for sale at WM's Magical Game Factory, PAPRIUM is the biggest Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis game ever made. As if it wasn’t enough, PAPRIUM's 80MEG cartridge embeds the DT128M16VA1LT - aka "Datenmeister" - chipset for the ultimate 16-Bit experience. Never has a 16-Bit game has been so big, so rich, so crisp. Never has the MEG power been so intimidating! Check out the full specs and get ready to cry!

PAPRIUM boasts 24 Levels and up to 5 Selectable Characters! You can play in co-op with one or two simultaneous players and choose from the multiple game modes such as the "Arcade mode" - which will let you play a predefined section of PAPRIUMs megapolis for a brainless street brawler experience - or the "Original mode" - which will let you save your progression, pick multiple paths and shape the city for a better or worse ending.

• 1 or 2 simultaneous players. • 80MEG. • AAA Beat Them All gameplay (@ uncompromized 60fps). • Embeded DT128M16VA1LT chipset. • Compatible with GRAND STICK III.

PAPRIUM is available in three different editions:

Expanding the experience, to be released with the game: The GRANDSTICK III, the ultimate arcade stick to be available in an limited edition, optimized for PAPRIUM. Professional grade arcade stick with high quality SANWA® and WM customized switches.
GRANDSTICK III's limited edition, optimized for PAPRIUM.

• High-quality switches (SANWA x WM). • Four-direction joystick and eight buttons. • Dual connectivity with Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis and USB. • State-of-art casing and finish (Aluminium, Stainless-Steel and Acrylic).

PAPRIUM and GRANDSTICK III targeted release date:
September 16, 2017
FR: +33(0)7 81 08 84 61

Rule, be ruled, or die!

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